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Nach getaner Arbeit würde ich mich über ein Beurteilungschreiben sehr freuen...
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1-2-3 Design hat die Gestaltung unserer veralteten Web-site übernommen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Fobianke ist geprägt von Kompetenz, Freundlichkeit und Engagement. Man merkt, daß Frau Fobianke sehr ehrgeizig und fast verliebt in ihre Aufgabe ist.
Das Ergebnis spricht für sich. Geschäftspartner haben spontan zu der gelungenen Web-site gratuliert !! Wir freuen auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit 1-2-3 Design und auf Frau Fobianke. Machen sie sich selbst ein Bild davon und besuchen unsere Web-site unter www.kurt-aue.com. enjoy !!!!
(goLocal Bewertung)

Kurt F. Aue
Kurt Aue GmbH
30826 Garbsen, GERMANY


Frau Angela Fobianke erstellt und pflegt unseren Webauftritt seit Mai 2015 kompetent, umsichtig und schnell. Ihr tiefes Wissen um Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten, Gefahren und Abhängigkeiten im Netz sowie den Aufbau der Web-Seiten setzt Frau Fobianke stets zielgerichtet ein. Wir wünschen uns noch eine langjährige Zusammenarbeit!

H. Kollenrott, Vorstand
Heimatbund Horst e.V.
30826 Garbsen, GERMANY


Suchen Sie eine kompetente und stets ansprechbare Webseiten-Gestalterin? Dann sind Sie hier bei Angela Fobianke goldrichtig. Ich bin froh, dass ich Angela Fobianke gefunden habe. Meine Webseite kann ich nun nach der Anleitung von Frau Angela Fobianke ganz leicht selbst bearbeiten und bei Problemen bekomme ich sofort Unterstützung und Hilfe.
1-2-3 Design - Kompetent - Erfahren - immer ansprechbar - inspirierend - gute Umsetzung meiner Wünsche - "Preis Wert"
(goLocal Bewertung)

Gabriela Heppekausen
Natürlich Leben Köln Messen
51107 Köln, GERMANY


Hallo Angela,

das ist wohl gestalterisch das konsequenteste was ich bisher gesehen habe!

Vielen Dank

Klaus Röntgen
47533 Kleve, GERMANY


<1-2-3 Design> hat mir bei der Erstellung meiner Webseiten außerordentlich hilfreich mit "Rat und Tat" zur Seite gestanden.

Ohne Angelas Fachwissen und Zuverlässigkeit hätte ich meine Projekte nicht so professionell gestalten können. Folglich konsultiere ich weiterhin Angela in allen digitalen Fragen, und auch zu Word und Excel oder Desktop-Publishing. Ihre Kreativität ist ein Garant für den Erfolg.

Herzlichen Dank für die langjährige und gute Zusammenarbeit.

Helmut Bolte
Herausgeber div. Webseiten
30826 Garbsen, Germany


Vor einigen monaten bin ich durch zufall auf deine wunderschöne website gestoßen und habe spontan kontakt mit dir aufgenommen, weil ich deine animation "reflektion" auf meiner website haben wollte. schon damals war ich erfreut über die prompte reaktion deinerseits und auch die anschließende zusammenarbeit gestaltete sich überaus positiv.

dies vorausgeschickt entstand bei mir vor einiger zeit die idee, meine website völlig neu überarbeiten zu lassen. wiederum nahm ich kontakt mit dir auf und ich unterbreitete dir dazu meine vorstellungen.

ohne zu zögern und ohne umschweife kamst du auf den kern der sache zu sprechen und hast mir konkrete vorschläge unterbreitet, auch in form eines attraktiven angebotes. hier gab es kein überlegen meinerseits und wiederum, wurde mein auftrag sofort von dir umgesetzt.

erreichbarkeit, flexibilität, sachverstand, präzision zeichnen u.a. dich und deine arbeit arbeit mit mir aus. meine wunderschöne website marisol-seelenvogel ist nun fertig und ins netz gestellt worden. ich danke dir von herzen und komme immer wieder gerne zu dir. sehr gerne empfehle ich dich weiter.

meinen allerherzlichsten dank viel erfolg weiterhin für deine arbeit licht und liebe für dich petra-marisol.

Petra Marisol
47533 Kleve, GERMANY


Ich danke ganz herzlich meinem Webmaster Angela für ihre Fachkunde, ihre Kreativität, Originalität und immer begeisternden Einsatz womit sie meine Website gestaltet hat, und mit ihrem schnellen Geist immer schnell meine neuen Sachen hinzufügt.

Auch ihre Preisen sind fair und gut wenn man schaut was auf diesem Markt „normal“ ist. Sie lebt den Satz der immer im Fuß ihrer Emails steht: "Transparency, honesty, fairness - the 3 pilars for business with blessing“

Ich hoffe das sie noch lange meine Website versorgen wird!

Angelina Philips
Golden Movements
47559 NIEL, Germany



1-2-3 design has done many projects for me and a family member over the years. My latest request for a project was for a special memory book for my dad's milestone birthday.

All I gave her was a vision that I described to her using only a few words and a picture. I had no idea how she could make the picture work with my request, but she did it. The final product was far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I know, without a shadow of a doubt that due to the hard work and talent these images used and the project as a whole will be cherished for a long time to come. I cannot put into words how delighted and moved I am by the beauty of the final image, and the way she crafted a stunning momento out of almost nothing.

I will continue to use 1-2-3 design for all my future images, website designs, and projects until the end of time.
(goLocal Bewertung)

Whitney Cartwright
Denver, CO, USA


The cyberworld is populated by difficulties, explanations, and excuses - Angela comes to the table with solutions. Angela is the person to call when you want to be serious about your web presence."

Kris Wilder, Author, Martial Artist
Seattle, WA, USA


This is EXCELLENT. I also did the search for Kiwi Cranes and we come up in the first page, and we were "invisible" before!!!! Great work!!!!!

Ingrid Stubig Jolley, CEO
Houston, TX, USA


Angela's quick and smart. She "gets it." She understands how to work with business people. I've found her to be responsive, and she reads between the lines, seamlessly fitting my new material with existing collateral. Angela is easy to work with.

Don Akers, Business Trainer
Humble, TX, USA


I have nothing but good to say of my experience with Angela, I called, we met, she described, I compared to the other quotes and went with Angela on instinct. I saved thousands by using her service, and she was efficient, she took care of everything, from AZ, she explained everything to me so that I could update my site as required.

I am happy that I chose her and extremely happy at my new level of expertise. I have worked with others for my other business websites but none can match her prompt service, fair pricing, and willingness to show you. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

From start to finish I was up and running in about 12 days. You simply can't beat that. But the best thing of all is that out of 3 websites that I have for 3 businesses, this one is by far the best..

Sue Richie, Founder
24-7 Accessories
Denver, CO, USA


Excellent work, sharp deadlines, and a keen graphical eye. Angela has done development work on 5 websites for me. Have used Angela's services for many years now and will continue to do so.

Chris Bakkemo, VP Operations
Pure MedSpa International
Alpharetta, GA, USA


Angela, I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how happy I am to have found you and how much I appreciate your prompt and professional service.

You are a valuable part of our company's ability to serve clients better than most!
Take care,

Travis Luther , President
Denver, CO, USA


Angela worked with us to design and implement our business website. She was also responsible for getting our domain registered, selecting our hosting service, and setting up our email services. In addition, Angela is always available to help with problems, annual re-registrations, email questions and so forth.

She has done a great job with everything! We're very pleased with our site, and frequently get positive comments from customers about how easy it is to use.
We highly recommend her.

Don Skender, EA
Kelley & Associates
Denver, CO, USA


1-2-3 Design has been doing all our design work since 1999. We have never had such excellent work and service. The work on our web site has been superior. As a webmaster, Angela is always coming up with wonderful, innovative ideas to make the site even better. The latest addition of our new shopping cart will make our company look every bit as professional as much larger companies.

She has also designed the labels for all our products and we continually get compliments on the wonderful way that our products look. Everything she does is always done with the greatest care and speed.

She has spoiled me for working with any other web design company. I can’t imagine that there is a better, more affordable company anywhere. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing web site design, or design work in general.

JJ Wilson, Vice-President
Alchemical Mage Co.
Denver, CO, USA


You rock Darling! You are simply the best! I absolutely couldn't do this without you. (And, good God, I wouldn't even try!)

Christy Lockhart
Author and Romance Writer
Denver, CO, USA


It was a pleasure doing business and everything came out great.

Pepe Telaranas, Hotel Owner
Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico


In her first email to me, Angela stated that she works by these principles: Fast, Efficient, Affordable & Honest. She was all of those and then some! Not only did she enhance my WordPress theme's design with her own ideas based off of my logo, she actually took the time to go through all of the ins and outs of my site so I could take over the editing and building myself. I went from being afraid of building my site, to being the captain of my own site! I will hire her again and refer her often.

Kerstin Caldwell, Founder
Denver, CO, USA


Firstly let me thank you for your timely completion of my website. I truly appreciate your rapid responses, your talent, your input, and your professionalism. It is not often these days that one can put a project in the hands of a "Professional" and have it expedited with such ease. So thank you for all your hard work, and since this is the 2nd project you have worked on for me, I have even more praise than I had the first time we worked together. I will make every endeavor to pass your name and business # on to everyone that may be in need of a new website or any of your other services.

Sue Richie, Owner
Doors Done Right
Littleton, CO, USA


Fantastic! Nice work.

Brad Boyer, Founder
Boyer Communications Group
New York, NY, USA


Angela, thank you! You make my job so much easier. Whether it's designing a marketing piece, a website, labels, logos, you're my go-to person.

Your speed, accuracy, and good nature makes you a dream to work with.
Thank you.

Christine Pacheco, General Manager
Clear Choice Antifreeze Denver
Denver, CO, USA


I have known Angela and 1-2-3 Design for years since I started using her service.

Angela is one of the best Web designers whom I have known in my life. She is a creative artist and always keeps her promise professionally. Her job is based on a full understanding of my needs. Her charge is very reasonable.

I would recommend her to anyone who may need her service.

Joe Chao, Founder
JCI International
Arlington Heights, IL, USA


We have worked with 1-2-3 Design for over ten years. Angela created our first web site and continues to work with us. She is always prompt, efficient and responds quickly. She is patient with all of our changes and is pleasant.

I would recommend her.

Betsy Jansen, CPCU, ARM
Nonprofit Resources, Inc.
Denver, CO, USA


At least once a week someone asks how to contact the person who created my web site or my letter head... also when I request something to be changed on my site it is done quickly and very creativly....it is always better than I expected.

Angela is a joy to work with.

Mariah Sims, Founder
Live Heaven on Earth
Denver, CO, USA


You are amazing! I come to you with a vague idea and you craft something fantastic, capturing the essence of what I want, even when I don't know exactly what that is. I consider you a valued member of the team!

Sierra Cartwright
Wheat Ridge, CO, USA


Thankyou for the beautiful e book of poetry that you created from my poems. You brought the poems alive with the graphics and layout. You will always be my publisher. I can't thank you enough for your caring and professional way in which you published my poems.

I was so happy with the layout of the book. If people need to talk to me about it, my email adddress is (please ask for contact option)

Andrew Pell
Poet and Musician
Sydney, Australia

Rufen Sie mich unverbindlich an, um herauszufinden ob ich Ihnen behilflich sein kann bei der Website-Gestaltung oder bei einem Grafikdesign wie Flyer, Visitenkarte, Postkarte, etc.
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