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Graphic Design

»Winter-Greeting. Graphic design for all your flyers, brochures, business cards or logo (branding).

Theme Design

WordPress Theme design and alterations, when you need an individual touch.

Green Hosting

Your website can be hosted on servers, which are driven 100% by wind energy, that are reliable, secure and very affordable.

This website, 1-2-3-design.com, is hosted on such an eco-friendly server as well, because I recommend only what I know.

The site is 100% Wind Powered!

Eco thinking and acting - we owe it to nature.

Learning Computer Stuff

  • Due to recent occasion:
    Nowadays it's easier then ever to encrypt your email conversations, keeping private information what they are meant to be: private.
    Thunderbird und Enigmail.
    If you need help to install this awesome software-combo you can call me and we will make it work.
  • I can explain your software, in remote control sessions, on YOUR computer with YOUR timing and at YOUR pace.
    Just call for options.

Free Initial Consultation

Graphic and web designer

Domain Names Sale:

  • adonim.COM
  • adonim.NET
  • adonim.ORG
  • adonim.US
  • adonim.DE

Such complete Domain-Packages (with all Top-Level domains) are rare!

adonim domain names: Read more

My Customers

Some examples from a long list of wonderful customers.