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Animated Design

Flash Animated E-greeting Cards

The Flash animations are now "old hat" and are mentioned here solely for historical reasons.

Email a unique e-greeting card to Your Customers with Your Name, Your Logo and Your Text.

NO advertising, NO messages other than yours!

If you have a web presence, your company logo within the animation will link back to your own site.

The card can be installed on your own web site. If you don't have a web site you will receive just a simple link like: 1-2-3-design.com/yourname which you can send via email.

This e-card includes your company name + logo + your greeting card text, which you will deliver after your payment.

Also, I can create a special animation to suit your needs...
individually for your special customers and do the mailing for you.
Please contact me for pricing on these special services.

There are many options and possibilities... let's talk about it!
Contact me